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The original Raleigh Lodge Building.

On September 7, 1960, Billy T. Poole visited Most Worshipful Grand Master, Wiley O. May to get his views on the possibility of forming a new lodge at Raleigh, Tennessee.  The Grand Master was encouraging and helpful to Brother Poole.

On September 27, 1960, the first meeting was held to begin the task of organizing the new lodge.

In February of 1961 the new lodge began to rent (with an option to buy) the old commissary building at the corner of Raleigh-Millington Road and Homewood drive from a Congregational Methodist Church which had disbanded.

On March 23, 1961, the grand lodge granted dispensation to the new lodge to operate as Raleigh Lodge UD.  The first officers were:

WM Oscar William Stephenson
SW  Sam Richard, Jr.
JW Paul E. Self
SD Billy T. Poole
JD Roy McCombs
SS Woodrow Pitts
JS James B. Pennington
Sec William F. Ashworth
Tres James Mode Parker
Chap Justice E. Davis
Tiler James E. Hodges

On July 13, 1961 the Shelby County Board of Adjustments granted a zoning variance to allow a Masonic lodge at the corner of Raleigh-Millington Road and Homewood Drive.

On November 24th the Lodge agreed to purchase the property at Raleigh-Millington Road and Homewood Drive for a total price of $15,300.

On March 28, 1962, Raleigh Lodge Number 770 was granted its charter by the Grand Lodge of Tennessee.  The same officers who served under dispensation served the first year under charter.

Photo of PGM Mike Allen presenting charter to Oscar Stephenson.
PGM, Mike Allen presents the charter of the new
Raleigh Lodge #770 to its first WM, Oscar Stephenson.

Photo of Raleigh Lodge's first officers.
The first officers of Raleigh Lodge include WM, Oscar Stephenson,
SW, Sam Richard (left of WM), and JW, Paul Self (right of WM)

The new lodge met in the old church building (pictured at the top of this page) at the corner of Raleigh Millington Road and Homewood Drive until its new building (pictured on main page) at the same site was dedicated in 1965.

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